Friday, 11 September 2009

New Beginnings

Ha! Me, a blogger.. who'd have thought it? I know I never did, but here I am. Why? To share in my excitement at prospects new for me and the family. My youngest, Freddie has begun nursery and so the time has come for me to think of my own future a little more.

I was self employed in the events industry for many years and throughout my eldest Kate's early years, but when Freddie arrived as quite a surprise I couldn't (or possibly wouldn't!) find the balance between working and mothering, so I closed the business and my long suffering other half  Paul went out to find work after being the stay at home dad for Kate (he did a great job and I have been trying to live up to his pretty exacting standards ever since!).

So here I find myself, having enjoyed Freddie's baby days, in that hole we all find ourselves in at one stage or other, staring into the void that is our future and finding my place in it.

I have decided to make stuff again, mainly from fabric, but other stuff aswell. All things I have done before for pleasure but now set myself the challenge of making the fruits of my labour profitable. I am in the lucky position of having a local outlet wanting to stock stuff, The HOPE Emporium,a newly opened craft shop in the market town of Bromyard entirley stocked from local craftspeople. As well as there always being a small craft fair going on somewhere relatively local that a few crafters get together to do. Its all ripe and ready to go, I just need to jump in with both feet and get stuff made and out there.

Having said that, I'll stop rambling for now and get on with making stuff. I'll let you know how it goes and get some pics of what I make over the next week.