Thursday, 25 November 2010


How rubbish am I? Break a camera and it brings a halt to everything!!

I did take it easy with the making over the summer, then there was all the chaos and heart wrenching of Freddie starting school.. I felt more than a little out of sorts for a while, though I did settle back down to making bits and pieces for The Hope Emporium shop but still haven't replaced the camera and even managed to mess up my phone's camera trying to get it to speak to the computer - tech hates me!

In the meantime, my daughter became a teenager (aaarrgghh!!) she's just fine, just I feel very old now, turning a ripe old age next week in fact.

So I am sans camera, still and it's nearly Christmas, well, 4 weeks away... ahaa, an idea has struck! Think I've been good enough?