Monday, 12 October 2009

Stuff what I have made

So, how many times have I promised these?

These are my pencil rolls and they have come up really well. I and others have made these before, but this time I have really simplified the pattern making them speedier to put together.
I have also incorporated a cotton batting in between the layers, this really keeps the pencils snug in their pockets, allowing some degree of protection against knocks and drops, which are inevitable but make pencils frustrating to keep a point on as we all know!
I love the fabrics on these, you can't quite see the detail on this pic but the orangey one is a lovely vivid print of cerise ovals and dots on the brightest orange background. I even got clever and the topstiching co-ordinates on one side and contrasts on the other, just because I felt like playing! I really like the duck egg blue paisley with mulberry coloured flowers, a very pretty mix. The stars print is fun, lined with brightest yellow to appeal to boys as well as girls.

Need I introduce these? My fabulous superhero capes!! I just adore these. We have a superman as the stalwart design,in red or blue., and this week I increased the range in time for Halloween to include a batman design and pumpkin man (?) well, that's what my son calls it! I have 2 more designs I am going to do in time for Christmas, a Captain Planet design, in green with a planet earth felt design and a Princess Power design in, of course, pink with a crown or a butterfly felt applique, I haven't decided yet! Both of which I am really looking forward to making.

Made from polyester satin, a break from my norm as I usually strictly use natural fibres only, but they need the shine, and with acrylic felt appliques, simply because I can get them easily from my local haberdaser in a load of great colours and also to keep the costs down. I do hope to move to wool felt as soon as stock is shifting and I can afford the outlay. I have found Blooming Felt online and really want to buy her stuff, I truly love felting, but I am too slow at it to be able to make feasible. I just do it fo the joy of it.

Finally these, my Raggedy Hearts, blatantly nicked from bellsjo's tutorial (see her blog from my blogroll).
THANK YOU!! These made up my first sale at the shop and I need to make more! I have made them smaller than bellsjo suggested, mine are 6" rather than 8" that bellsjo made.

I am going to town on lovely prints for these. Helped by the fact that, yes another mention for her (did I tell you she is wonderful?) bellsjo sent me some stash, including my first piece of Amy Butler fabric!! I was a very happy lass when that arrived with a lovely postcard that keeps me going. when I feel like sitting in the bath all day.

Finally I shall leave you with a pic of my stuff in the shop, my display space at the moment is a gorgeous little wardrobe, which I hope to outgrow soon.

Happy crafting!!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Phew!!!! I'm bushed....

I am pretty darn tired this late Sunday evening after having quite a week.

My eldest was at home ill for the start of the week and my youngest, being a bit of a dare devil/superhero in his spare time, had an accident resulting in a casualty trip in place of tea time on Wednesday. All is well, and his tongue has repaired itself remarkably quickly! Eurgghh!!

So that kinda put pay to getting photo's of my stuff in the shop, and subsequently onto here. ( I daftly forgot to take the camera with me last week when I began my journey into selling, my mind was a little elsewhere) All excuses aside, I managed to have a catch up day yesterday and got some more superhero capes on display in time for halloween.

I love making these capes!! The first, obviously had to go to my own little superhero, for destruction testing more than anything, and I am very pleased to report that they both look good and survive many miraculous deeds and heroic battles along the way, they wash well, on a cool cycle too! Another plus point  for me, and therefore may well be for any mum of a budding allbeit impatient superhero, they dry really quickly too!!

I have also taken the ellusive pictures and will get them on here tomorrow... promise! But in the mean time I'll leave you with this...

Oh, just one more excuse... I have been busying myself with getting a dedicated blog for the shop, where all the crafters are authors... I'm hoping it will be fun and colourful, like the shop itself. Take a look for yourself