Friday, 28 May 2010

Bags of bags

Was a bit down to say the least by the end of last week. A relatively productive week, to be followed by a gloriously sunny camping weekend with a beach trip thrown in for good measure - all good... then my camera decided it wouldn't play, doom and gloom ensued, but I managed to push all the negativity aside and have a good break with family and great friends.

The weekend away was just what I needed, much fun was had by all. I mean, who can't have fun when you mix sun, sea, sand, playing at being pirates, live music and a fire to sit around? But I have no photos to show for it, so let's move on :)

My wonderful friend Jo of Muddy Puddle Crafts heard of my camera issues and has kindly lent me her spare til I can afford to replace mine, so generous, thank you Jo! It's amazing how much of a motivational tool blogging has become, though not having pics to show and tell with it becomes a moot point and my productivity has suffered because of it.

So, getting the camera on Wednesday meant that yesterday I did all these
One of the pink ones is for my niece, the others I am looking to sell, I do wonder how they will go. I am really pleased with them, the fabrics are good and strong, the pink being an up cycled pair of blackout curtains and this has worked really well.

They are perfectly sized for 2-5 year olds and they have a Velcro envelope closing so that little fingers can manage it all by themselves, zips can be such a pain for little ones, so this can truly be their own bag.
Big enough to carry spare pants, a couple of toys, a snack and even a small book, (almost) everything a small child would want to take with them on their adventures.

I made the prototype for my own, then 3 year old, for Christmas and I was actually stunned by how much he loved it. He uses it daily, whether popping out to play or going to nursery or out on family day trips and I have never had to carry it for him, which is such a blessing! I have improved this batch by adding a hanging loop to make it easier to hang on hooks at nursery etc. I wish I had done one of those on my boys!


  1. Those are lovely, I think that it is quite difficult to find a good style of bag for little boys too..

  2. great little bags and the ladders are looking even better stocked up :)

  3. These are fab Sana - nice job! Just right for exciting outdoor adventures!