Friday, 14 May 2010

Crafty Sunday from Me and Ma

Because I am known as a lazy crafter (which isn't quite true, I'm just very easily distracted...) ooh, what's that, hang on...

Right, where was I? Oh yes, Jo from Muddy Puddle Crafts and one of the lynch pins of The Hope Emporium, pointed me to Me and Ma's blog, where I found mention of Crafty Sunday, where you post each Sunday what you have made that week, typically I think I'm a week late, but I am going to try and achieve this, though I do worry my creations will be pitifully small and simple compared to others, but hey ho... I need any motivational tool I can get my hands on!


  1. Hi Sana, Thank you for posting about Crafty Sunday, I look farward to seeing what you have made. I will add your link to my blog..

  2. Hi, thanks for the follow, am now following you too.
    Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

    Beki xxx

  3. well done on joining, a goal to work to each week is bound to get you going again, looking forward to the fused plastic products!