Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Hello, at last!

Crafting has been asleep since I agreed to take that job, how can such a small part time job mess up each and every day so wholly that not only did my crafting suffer, but so did my garden and even quality time spent with the kids and my other half? (Or 'current partner' as he said on his latest CV which is another story, but I was less than impressed!!)

For a few months I tried to carry on thinking that these sacrifices needed to be made and hey it is bringing in steady money, something crafting can never do. But you know what? I got pretty depressed, especially as spring finally sprang and the kids and garden developed without my nurture, I ran out of stock at the shop and struggled to fufill orders that came my way - I'm not a great multi-tasker

So then came the internal struggle, feeling pretty useless and with no drive yet beating myself up that I wasn't good enough and all that tosh, but thankfully I never stay in that dip for long and even more thankfully things looked up for my partner (current!) in his work so financially it became possible to risk losing the steady money to achieve a happy balance of chaos once more.

So..... I'm back!!!

This is week 2 of being 'free' and it's been great, though not that productive until today (I got a good telling off from a friend yesterday that put a rocket up you know where..). Until today freedom has been just that, all fun and shirk, catching up with family and friends, hiding in the garden playing with my birthday present of a 30cc strimmer - such fun! But today, I'm really feeling back on top... Welcome back and thanks for sticking with me :)

Before I go and make tea, I'll finish with a pic of Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean, a great family day out and a stunning environment that lends itself to imaginations running wild...

until next time x


  1. Yeah, she's back, real jobs may be worth the money but not the quality me time you loose, so welcome back as a SAHM !

  2. Hello! Glad to see you back in blog land my lovely. Send my love to your brood and your 'current partner' :-)

  3. Thank you Jo's!! I feel so very fortunate to be able to be a SAHM. (Took me a while to figure out what it stood for though!)