Sunday, 16 May 2010

My Crafty Sunday

What a nice way to sum up a week.

I have loved the thought of Sunday coming and what would I have to show for it, thank you, again to maria for the idea. The links to others joining in can be found on maria's blog, me and ma.

It hasn't been a good week for finishing, though I have started so much, so that's this coming weeks activity sorted! But I did complete a Superhero Cape as stock for the shop as we've had none in the shop since Christmas.

On the cards for next week are rucksacks, I have the privilege of making one for my gorgeous niece Hattie-Mae which I shall enjoy immensely, more capes on the go including a new 'Captain Planet' style in brightest green which I can't wait to see done, and I am hoping to make a gift bag from the fused plastic I experimented with making. Exciting week!!


  1. I love the Superhero cape Sana !

  2. Great a cape for the shop thanks, love the picture a really nice way to show it off with a little swinging superhero in the frame.

  3. Lovely cape, any little boy would love it and I love the photo!

    Beki xxx