Wednesday, 19 May 2010

No Pay to Display

A pretty busy week it has been so far, and only half way through we are!

I have finished the 2 toddler rucksacks I had on the go,

and then my thoughts turned to how to display them in the shop. I used to have space in this gorgeous little wardrobe

but I couldn't keep my stock levels high enough, so when I started the job in the Library I reduced my space and my things got dotted around in odd gaps. Now though I need to work out a display method for my stuff, yet the shop is getting quite full to say the least with around 18 crafters involved!

So, lamenting the loss of the wardrobe, which was all too quickly snapped up, I had to get my thinking cap on, so as usual, when I need a good think I took a stroll around the garden and found this

a (very) old set of cabin bed ladders from about 3 houses ago (yes I am a hoarder), the bed went the way of most things wooden in this house - part of it made our hen house and the rest fed our burner for a while. These ladders however survived as they became part of a now dilapidated and so deadly treehouse. So treehouse remodelling is on the cards for the bank holiday weekend.

I think these will work well in the shop as they wont take up much room and can have any number of fabric things strewn or hung upon it.

As the gap left to fill is against a vibrant pink wall, after a quick sand, I hunted through the old paint stash and chose the dusky pale olive green I used on a wall in the kitchen to hang my 'clutter shelves' on (does everyone have these clutter spaces in each of their rooms?). Having done that and found that being matt emulsion it left the ladders feeling dusty, I wondered about varnish. I had none. But what I did have was some of that glitter glue paint stuff that was all the rage when my 12 year old was 4. So I gave it a stir and a poke and slapped some of that on too. Very pleased it's all been salvage, it's worked a dream I think, look!

All that's left to do now is work out how to fix a baton to hook the ladders onto when I found out today its not a solid wall, hmmmm. Fun, fun, fun!!


  1. its lovely, cant wait to see it against the berry wall full of creations, think it will be really effective !

  2. what fab recycling, do you think my son would notice if i nabbed his bed ladder tonight!!!

  3. Great idea! That craft shop looks so inetersting, I'd love to be able to have a wander around.