Sunday, 27 June 2010

Crafty Sunday (i've lost count)

I am sat here ringing out my brain, but i can't think what on earth happened this week to show for

I don't think I completed anything.

I altered a few bits of my other half's clothing, I made an impromptu net for the pool when the old one finally broke, I cut out a couple more of the Steampunk Hip Pouches in large and small sizes, the small in black this time. I am more than half way through one kit order and the design board for the Lord of the Rings costume is looking good, its just decision time now and how to cram it all into the budget, then I can go fabric hunting :)

The week has been good though, all this sun and warmth is just lovely and yesterday we went to see the kids Godparents and their 2 boys for a well overdue visit. It was great to see them all and we stayed for the Doctor Who finale as no one wanted to leave. The best bit I think is that we left having arranged the next visit already. Though there was a bonus to the trip, Jo and I did a surprise stash swap, I took a piece of Kaffe Fasset and a couple of bits of Amy Butler's Love range, but I think I very much won as Jo gave me some amazing pieces from a US designer, whose name escapes me, but the range is called 'Prarie Gothic' (I think) which have gone straight into my sit and stare at and occasionally stroke pile.

Seeing how easy it was for Jo to see her fabrics and therefore gain her inspiration for her fabulous quilts (see here ) I have been quite amazing today and reorganised my entire stash onto shelves and see through box drawers. This feels good, though strange to not have to rummage in baskets and bags for the slightest thing. (OK, in truth, half of it is sorted but I still have a basket and 2 bags I can rummage in, for now).

So, looking forward to a productive week, though now I have said that, who knows what may distract me, whatever it is, I hope it's fun!

(sorry there's no photos, I want to catch the last of the sun instead of sitting here!!)


  1. Oh, I just read my own blog and reminded myself that I did indeed make something this week!! The calico quiltedanel... how daft am I??

  2. glad to hear you've got organised, will wait & see what comes out each pile, especially the sit and stare at and occasionally stroke pile or not!