Thursday, 24 June 2010

Mission Accomplished

Tis done and delivered. I think it's liked and definitely appreciated. What a nice feeling :)

I ended up quilting it, adding a ribbon loop to hang it by. I went through many options first, but for not finding a hacksaw for dowel mounting or a staple gun for mounting it onto wood as a canvas, I opted for the all fabric approach adding a batting and backing. It means its gently washable too, which is handy for a child's room decoration.

In quilting it though, it gave the addition of clouds in the sky, which I really like, so all in all I'm very pleased.

Time to make a start on those kit orders!


  1. It looks really bril, my 10 year old daughter would love it ! :)

  2. It is lovely! Nice work there! Look forward to seeing you on Saturday xx

  3. Simply can't wait to see you too Jo, missing you and your boys :)

  4. wow it looks superb !!!!! well done you!