Sunday, 20 June 2010

Crafty Sunday VI - Made It!!!

Phew, I had pretty much written this week off after too good a weekend away with the family, reality was hard to accept. I was being all useless, not wanting to be productive or practical in any way.

I went with the feeling in the main and had a great week all told, lots of pottering doing nothing in particular, perfick.

The week was finished off by taking my son to his first taster session at his new school - a very emotional day saying goodbye, in fact I should admit here that he only said goodbye so very bravely due to the promise of me going straight to the shops for a big bag of sweets which he kindly insisted on sharing with his sister, I was given a few too as I had been very brave as well.

He, of course, had a fabulous time of playing in the forest (we are very lucky to have this school in the neighbourhood) and on his favourite tractor he knew from when his big sister went there.

Anyway, I really didn't think I would have anything to show for this week on top of completely forgetting to post anything at all last week (oops), but strangely I have made something, I have even surprised myself!

Another confession now, I have realised how much of a faddy crafter I am, I have loads of ideas and plans, get them to prototype stage, figure out the easy way to make them, then get bored and move on to something new. I must work on this, it is fun but it's not the best work ethic to have really.

So my latest fad is Steam punk. I am designing a few ideas but they will stay firmly on the drawing board for now, but I was sent a link from a friend to a Steam punk Etsy shop where I wowed a while, then looked at the prices, wowed some more, then thought... and had a dive deep into my scraps and bits and bobs stashes,

And made this today...

I really like it, I have made a few mistakes and would love to get more findings to attach like D-rings, cogs, clips etc. for the next ones. Going to make a larger one for the man in my life with the pockets sized to his effects for him to use on his boys weekend of Airsoft LRP coming up soon.

Whilst sketching, browsing and making this I also secured a couple of orders for costumes!! A Gondorian Ranger for a Lord of the Rings event and a fitted tactical vest (military style waistcoat) for the boys weekend. All very exciting stuff :)


  1. WOW is that suede ? leather ? you really are very clever, I wouldn't know where to start. However I cant keep up with you & your fads when I saw you wed you mentioned making pencil rolls !! you do make me laugh xx

  2. I'm rubbish at sticking to things, the pencil rolls are still sat half made I'm afraid! The fabric is an old suedette throw I didn't like so managed to burn with the iron hence it being in the scraps bucket, I ripped the lining out and found the reverse side to be quite nice, so I used that :)

  3. That is fantastic, you are very clever :)